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Andrea Austin - CEO

Leader Among Leaders 

Andrea Austin started in the fitness industry in 1987 wearing leg warmers and spandex teaching high and low impact aerobics. Throughout the years she remained in the industry part time until becoming a full time personal trainer in 2001. Coming from the creative industry as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer, Andrea used her creative thought process to start her own personal training business and uses it in marketing materials for BeatBoss. She has guided hundreds of people in life-changing workouts both one on one and in group settings.


Andrea’s motivation for fitness is on fire because with her guidance, she inspires positive change in the many lives that she touches. Indoor cycling is a true passion of hers and a great way to burn calories for anti-aging benefits. Since ‘87, she has been certified in many methods with a base foundation certification through N.A.S.M.  


When not motivating and educating other's in the fitness industry, Andrea enjoy's volunteering in animal rescue, getting 2 hour massages, and spending time with her family. Andrea is also a National Physique Committee Judge, judging NPC Bodybuilding, Physique, and Bikini Competitions.

Funny childhood fact: She was the captain of the Junior High PomPom girls in North Dakota already leading others in how to hit that beat and perform like a rockstar.


  • A.A.S Graphic Design, Brown Institute 

  • Freelance Creative Director and Graphic Designer

  • 30 years experience in the fitness industry

  • N.A.S.M Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Corepower Yoga 200 hour Yoga Instructor 

  • STOTT Pilates Reformer Certified Trainer 

  • TRX Certified Instructor

  • Barre Bliss Certified Instructor

  • BeatBoss Certified Indoor Biking Instructor

  • RealRyder Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

  • Schwinn Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

  • Zumba Licensed Instructor

  • Owner and Master Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach - Andrea Austin Fitness, Inc. with numerous certifications in various fitness methods 

  • Featured twice in N.A.S.M. Professional Publication The Training Edge, Featured in Saint Paul Illustrated Magazine, appeared twice on KARE11 as a fitness expert 

  • Bfit Challenge Studio & Cycle – Cycling Program co-creator, Consultant, Instructor

  • Currently teaches her weekly event style 90 minute Extreme BeatBoss "Lab" at Xperience Fitness, Woodbury, MN.

Teri Dale

Teri Dale is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, weight loss expert, holistic health coach and the author of two best-selling Amazon books.  She has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and has committed her life to helping others transform their health.  

I was introduced to BeatBoss 4 years ago.  At that time I owned a studio and we added BeatBoss Cycle Classes immediately.  They are like no other cycle class.  I wanted high energy, variety, intense but fun and also really wanted it to feel much like a night club.  I also fell in love with riding to the beat of the music as that is how I taught all my fitness classes.  BeatBoss was instantly welcomed with all my members and loved that there was so much variety, but also was able to accommodate all fitness levels.  It’s truly the most amazing class I have ever taken, and trust me when I say, I used to teach everything. 

So, update to today, I am so passionate and love BeatBoss Biking so much that I decided to become a Master Presenter and coach for the company. I get to travel around introducing this cutting edge, game-changing format that blends watts and RPM (road style) with off-road Mountain and BMX inspired movement on the bike.  It’s absolutely amazing and fun. It  has brought my fitness to an entirely new level.  It’s a perfect marriage for me between my passion of being a holistic coach and helping others with their health and being able to teach BeatBoss as a fitness component to ones exercise regime.

  • BeatBoss Foundational Certification

  • BeatBoss Master Presenter Training

  • BeatBoss Certificate of Attainment: Master Coach, Master Instructor, Master Presenter

Robert Bennett Leadley

Robert's love of fitness began at an early age. Born into an exercise forward family, he was active in sports, running, basketball, track and field, as well as pursuing theater and dance through a collegiate level. After training for a BFA in Dance at the University including performing at the Kennedy Center, Robert was hired as a dancer with Royal Caribbean cruise lines. After he apprenticed with Zenon Dance Company and was a company member with Time Track Productions. 

A few years and many pounds later, Robert had moved on from dancing and was quite unhappy with his shape both mentally and physically. Failed attempt after failed attempt to get fit he stumbled upon a rhythm based cycling class. A few years and 50 lbs lighter, the fire had been re-lit and a passion to instruct indoor cycling began. Robert spent many hours alone in the cycle room working away creating a class. After attaining a nationally recognized Road based certification, he was hired at a popular franchised cycling studio and completed their in house training. He was given an amazing jumping off point with 5 classes a week. This is when he met BeatBoss co-creators Chris Cronick and Andrea Austin. Still wanting to hone his craft and learn more, Robert became BeatBoss Certified. His instructing world changed over night. He was home. After many classes at the BeatBoss Lab, private coaching by the co-creators and observing certifications across the country, Robert is now a proud BeatBoss Master Presenter, Instructor and Coach, spreading the BeatBoss methodology to eager instructors across the world! He would deeply like to thank Andrea and Chris for taking a chance as well as fellow Master Presenters Andrea Austin and Teri Dale for being there every step of this intense yet amazing journey into the BeatBoss world.  He leaves you with 3 words GET BEATBOSS CERTIFIED!!!

  • BeatBoss Foundational Certification

  • BeatBoss Master Presenter Training

  • BeatBoss Certificate of Attainment: Master Coach, Master Instructor, Master Presenter

  • Schwinn Certified Indoor Biking Certification

  • Stages Biking Introductory Certification