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Indoor Cycling Certification and Continuing Education: In Person and Online Live Options BeatBoss™ Creates Stand-Out Instructors

Until now, there has been a gap between  “Road Style” and “Party on The Bike" styles of indoor cycling classes. BeatBoss™ has created an amazing foundational certification and continuing education process that blends the two styles. You now have a comprehensive, indoor cycling certification along with continuing education that is an approved education provider through SCW, ACE, AFAA, and NASM that gives you a solid foundation to teach riding the beat, optional safe and approved BeatBoss™ Upper Body Add-Ons, and Signature BeatBoss™ Drills.

We are ahead of the curve in the indoor cycling educational arena but grounded in years of applied movement science. As progressive game-changers so vastly different from the rest, we have coined the term “Indoor Biking” and developed a first of its kind, 16-hour Indoor Biking Certification and our own instructor continuing education and coaching that is sure to keep talent growing; that means classes keep growing. The certification is a two-day intensive, challenging but super fun weekend! We then keep our instructors growing with post certification instructor tools in the BeatBoss™ Online Instructor CEC Portal (required to keep current and on brand). In addition instructors have the opportunity to coach with BeatBoss™ Master Trainers while they grow their skills inside the BeatBoss™ Online Instructor CEC Portal. 


"Ride the Beat" or rhythm riding using music as the foundation

The BeatBoss™ systematic, data-driven methodology

Athletic purpose to optional upper body plane of motion work inspired by three outdoor biking styles: Road, Mountain, and BMX

How to coach to modify to all levels and all ages


  • Become a part of the first of its kind certification and continuing education BeatBoss™ instructor community.

  • Know that you hold an actual Certification with instructor continuing education that is safe, science-based and FUN all wrapped in to one. BeatBoss™ is an SCW, ACE, AFAA and NASM, approved education provider and can be petitioned with other certifying bodies.

  • Limit your liability. Professional industry standards require a professional certification. By holding an indoor cycling certification that supports and coaches approved BeatBoss™ Upper Body Add-Ons is KEY if you want to utilize any upper body movement in classes.

  • Receive extensive training in "Riding The Beat" as well as utilizing various other biking styles to give you a legitimate foundation to a style you love to teach.

  • Learn to utilize metrics and data in classes to take your riders to new heights. You will also learn how to use bike computers to enhance your riders' experience. If your studio does not have computers, you will learn how to teach without metrics.

  • Learn how to use any bike when instructing BeatBoss™.  BeatBoss™ is not bike model specific. 

  • ​Curate playlists at a faster rate, learn verbal and non-verbal cueing, and learn to incorporate many BeatBoss™ Actions/Components within a Class Layout.

  • Develop the "Instructor Ear" and "Instructor Eye" much faster to serve your class members better.

  • Stand out from other instructors; BeatBoss™ Instructors have unique and powerful energy and stand-out skills.

  • ​Build larger followings and class sizes which will help your studio/health club memberships grow.

  • Increase efficiency meaning less time creating playlists. Because we all know that time equals money.

  • ​Broaden your repertoire of safe, BeatBoss™ approved Upper Body Add-ons and Drills, thereby creating a dynamic, ever changing class that your riders will love to take.

  • Add athletic cross training purpose to the fun you are having on the bike.

  • Increase your riders' proficiency in their own personal fitness goals.

  • Become a better instructor in a fraction of the time. We take you from good to great in less time. Your BeatBoss™ Certification and Continuing Education is a well worth investment.


  • $399 and $499

  • Reduced pricing with company partnerships available

  • Non-refundable but transferrable to another individual and/or another training weekend within 6 months of payment.

  • We accept the following payment methods: Venmo, Cash App, or Check made payable to BeatBoss LLC.


The BeatBoss ™Indoor Biking Certification is great for the novice to seasoned instructor along with personal trainers wanting to expand their offerings and get CEC's for their personal training certification. The 16 hour BeatBoss™ Certification (14 hours of CEC's for SCW, NASM and AFAA and 12 hours for ACE) is an all encompassing certification for everyone. You do not need another certification or experience to get BeatBoss™ Certified.


  • BeatBoss™ Online Instructor CEC Portal is BASIC PLAN $9.95 a month with an option for an UPGRADED PLAN $19.95 a month autopay. We created this style of monthly instructor continuing education so that you will always receive fresh BeatBoss™ branded content for classes. (vs. an every 1 or 2 year renewal).

  • You will continue your education through the BeatBoss™ Online Instructor CEC Portal where monthly curated class layouts, suggested corresponding Spotify playlists, demo videos and much more are featured! This is an essential tool of growth right after completing the 16 Hour Foundational Certification step. You keep your BeatBoss™ Certification current by remaining in the BeatBoss™ Online Instructor Continuing Education Portal.  We keep it simple, fun and affordable to stay current on your BeatBoss Certification. certification current by remaining in the Continuing Education Portal.  We keep it simple, fun and affordable to stay current on your BeatBoss Certification.

  • No re-certification fees if you keep current.

With questions or to learn more, please contact BeatBoss™

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